Data protection & GDPR

Our privacy and information law experts have all the knowledge required to help you at all stages of the data cycle. In particular we focus on retail, consumer finance and technology sectors, IT, blockchain solutions, mobile applications and other solutions.

We try to use our knowledge of the applicable law and understanding of our clients’ business to deliver meaningful solutions.

In respect of data protection, we can help in the following ways:

  •  Analysing and execute a due diligence review of your business
  •  Advise on how to collect, store and process data,
  •  Drafting all the required documentation, policies and terms,
  •  Training of your staff on the practicalities of the GDPR
  •   Devise strategies for increasing the commercial value of data.
  •  Offering data protection officer services.

If you haven’t yet secured full compliance with data regulations, or if you think you haven’t fully used the potential commercial value of the data you own or process, let us know and we will get to it immediately.