Intellectual Property Rights

When it comes to exploiting and protecting your IP portfolio, we aim to combine our legal knowledge with commercial, innovative and strategic goals in mind. We draft complex agreements, designed to prevent disputes and present opportunities for growth, as well as acting decisively and quickly in pursuing litigation relating to the infringement of IP. We advise companies on the steps that they should take to reduce the risk of litigation.

We provide general advice related to IP, including:

  •  registration of trademark before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (and we have experts Pod registered representatives) and before The Slovenian Intellectual Property Office,
  •  licensing your IP to a third party;
  •  generating new, or productising existing, innovations through R&D agreements,
  •  setting up strategic partnerships or JVs with IP exchange,
  •  entering into a new franchise or licencing your own master franchise,
  •  increasing the visibility of your brand through targeted sponsorship arrangements;
  •  raising finance against your IP,
  •  mitigate the copycat and infringement risks that have arisen as your brand has grown;
  •  help you protect and derive the most from your copyright.

Are you planning to get your IP in order? Let us know and we will help you straight away!