Mergers and Acquisitions

Our corporate law experts direct mergers and acquisitions at all levels. We advise clients both in Slovenia and the EU, on local and cross-border transactions.

Have you done your due diligence?

The key to a successful M&A transaction is an effective and meaningful due diligence. Every transaction is unique, and we aim to deliver valuable due diligence feedback to our clients instead of providing meaningless lengthy reports on irrelevant matters.

How can we help?

We focus on identifying the issues that can affect deal value, to understand them and to implement decisive solutions, so that your deal continues unaffected.

The real value to our clients comes from knowledge of law and understanding of the target business. We work hard to become a part of your transactional team, understanding your needs and organisational culture, so that we can work collaboratively to achieve your commercial objectives.

Working jointly with all of our experts, we ensure every angle of your transaction is carefully scoped, planned and executed, including any related banking and finance matters, tax and regulatory compliance issues, IP, brand protection and employment matters, as well as wider commercial matters.

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