Employee Re-Organisations & Redundancy

Advising on employment law related issues does not require only knowledge of law and procedures, but also talent for dealing with people. Even lawyers need to take into account that having employment agreements signed or terminated has a material impact on life and position of an individual. Therefore, every reorganisation of employees or retrenchments have to be done and planned precisely, reasonably, in accordance with the law and the spirit of the law, and empathy for the redundant employees.

We advise clients on:

  • ordinary and extraordinary terminations of employment agreements,
  • termination of employment agreement affecting a larger group of employees due to business reasons,
  • representing employees and employers in employment litigation and disputes,
  • managing and representing clients in disciplinary proceedings,
  • negotiations with the unions.

Are you facing one of the abovementioned challenges? We are available to you for advice and assistance.